Not so long ago, in a land not far away, there was something called an “Album”. It was the final step in a creative collaboration between songwriters, lyricists, musicians, vocalists, and studio engineers. The “Album” was stored on a circular disk made of vinyl or plastic. A visual artist or photographer would adorn the protective cover of the “Album” with images and words that represented the music contained within. It was not uncommon for a person to purchase an “Album” based solely upon the cover art without hearing the music first. The order of the songs on the “Album” were specifically arranged to allow the listener to sit back, relax, and “enjoy the ride” from start to finish. Welcome to our discography page! Remember, any of our “Albums” are FREE upon request…

considering all cover.jpg

Considering All...Ability

“Jesus leaned on a tree in the cool morning air. He looked up to the sky that by his hand was there. He felt the warm rays of the heavenly sun. His battle was over, the victory won. He took time, Considering All…”

Voyage Cover.jpg

The Voyage...Versatility

“All of life is a voyage, filled with calm seas and waves o’er the rail. But when earth’s voyage is over, to heaven or shoal you’ll have sailed”.

Front 1 final.jpg

Beg Pardon...Creativity

Having spent the past 50 years institutionally incarcerated for crimes of musical passion against humanity, I no longer pose a threat to myself or society. This collection of songs is (at best) an attempt to reflect God’s love for his children and me as his servant.

Laborers Are Few 1_crop.jpg

Laborers are Few...Continuity

“LORD, when did we see you hungry or thirsty and not give you food or drink? Or in need of some clothes or a place to stay…Oh, how could anybody think? Sick or in prison (the world has forgot) longing just for someone to see. Jesus will say, what you didn’t do for them…you didn’t do for me.”

Early Years cover final_crop.jpg

The Early Years...Longevity

Once upon a time, a young married couple with a guitar, microphone, and synthesizer decided to record a cassette of their original music. Thirty eight years and 6 CDs later, they are still happily married. The early years have come and gone, but the passion and music still remain.

Silent cover 1_crop.jpg

The Silent Years...Instrumentality

Someone once said, “Relationships are Priceless”. This recording embodies that quote. Every song on this CD was made possible because of a relationship. That’s the key of the “Silent Years”.