Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, K. G. Hall was born in the late 1950's in Daisytown, Pennsylvania, a rural, coal mining community south of Pittsburgh.

His first gig was with the 'Rainbow Band' playing New Year's Eve parties. The band was short-lived due in part to altercations with the drummer.

Since then, he has worked with local and nationally-known musicians playing jazz, gospel, bluegrass, and folk. Most recently, he and his first wife, Cindy, have been spotted performing at art shows, festivals, and worship services.


He began his career in music at the tender age of four, playing and composing little songs on the family piano. Not satisfied with only playing only one instrument, he soon wandered off to explore other means of musical expression.

Focusing his attention to the bass guitar in 1970, he joined a polka band and began his professional career performing at clubs in the Mon-Valley.

Background singer and flutist, Cindy Anderson Hall was born two months earlier than Ken in California, Pennsylvania, a small rural town below Pittsburgh.

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She has always enjoyed music, learning to play piano starting in the 2nd grade and the flute in 5th grade. She played flute and piccolo in the California Trojans marching band. It was their mutual enjoyment of music that drew Cindy and Ken together romantically beginning in Jr High school. They took separate paths after graduation.

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Once out of college, she began her career as a speech pathologist at Polk Center, a residential facility for the developmentally disabled. Ken contacted Cindy and proposed marriage (after not seeing each other for 4 plus years!!) Cindy agreed, and marriage ensued in the summer of 1981. Little did Cindy know that in the fine print of the marriage contract was language concerning her part in Ken’s music. This included singing (which she said she would never do in front of people),carrying equipment, playing keyboard and flute, and recording music. Fast forward to present…

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Along with playing at their local church, Cindy accompanies Ken at art show and museum gigs, recording projects, and providing music as requested at churches in the area. Cindy also enjoys singing with several local choirs, performing Handel’s Messiah biannually and singing with the Venango County Choir.

As you can see, music brings her great joy!!